CAN-UART converter, isolated

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4-pin UART cable included.

Universal CAN interface

The module is a universal UART-CAN converter with firmware-upgradeable features. With standard firmware, it provides a robust isolated interface between Energus BMS and various CAN devices. Energus open protocol is provided for free and supports minimalistic command transmission.

Can be customized for different tasks, such as generic UART-CAN converter, adapted for different chargers and other equipment, like chargers, motor controllers, on-board computers and buiding management systems.


  • Bootloader for firmware upgrades
  • UART baudrate: 115200 bps (customizable)
  • Galvanic isolation: 1000V
  • Power: 5V 30mA from UART side, no power needed on CAN side.
Datasheet: UART2CAN_Datasheet.pdf

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