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Anything you need - any size and shape

Custom battery packs are assembled from genuine cells, directly supplied by reputable manufacturers, like Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG and others. It is a quality drop-in replacement for Chinese LiPO and Li-ion packs of "unknown" quality. All cells used are from the same batch and are at equal state of charge, which eliminates the need for initial balancing - can be used straight away, no prolonged charging-balancing stage.


  • Industry-highest energy density, lowest weight
  • Made from genuine cells, both power and energy-optimized models available
  • Optional integrated BMS
  • No initial balancing required
  • Very low self-discharge and disbalance
  • Peak discharge/regen up to 18C
  • Configurations from 1s1p to 24s100p and above

Weight examples

  • 6s 9Ah 60A - 0.900 kg (LG HG2)
  • 12s 9Ah 60A - 1.800 kg (LG HG2)
  • 12s 7.5Ah 100A - 1.800 kg (Samsung 25R)