Li2x10pGA: Li-ion building block - 3.6V 66Ah 5C

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Build your battery in hours, not months.

Industry's highest energy density cell in a convenient package

Datasheet: Li20PGA (revA, 2016-12-02).pdf


This Li-ion building block was developed specifically for student electric formula competitions and with simplicity and safety in mind. Using 18650 lithium-ion technology, these building blocks offer the most modern and energy-dense solution in easy to use package. 18650 is a very well established and time-tested battery cell standard, especially common in consumer devices. These cells are designed to withstand consumer’s abuse, while offering the best in class energy density.

Various options of 18650 cell are available: SAMSUNG 25R, SONY VTC5, LG HE4 and almost any other genuine cell.

Exceptional safety

In addition to internal protection techniques, the module includes two fuses for each cell, 16 for entire 8-cell module. These act as a second level protection devices in case of cell failure and internal safety mechanisms being not enough.

In case of cell venting, released gas is travelled through dedicated channels to avoid pressure buildup.

Unmatched flexibility

Due to simple nature of these building blocks, desired battery pack configuration can be built in minutes, connecting them in series and parallel using bolt connections. Even MWh-scale batteries can be assembled with ease.


  • Small size: 433 Wh per liter
  • Low weight: 228 Wh per kg
  • Individually fuse-protected cells, no parallel fusing is required
  • Ultra low self-discharge
  • No initial balancing required
  • Rapid prototyping of battery pack
  • Convenient thermal control
  • Built from genuine SANYO INR18650-GA cells
  • Low flammability: UL 94 V-0 rated


  • Nominal capacity: 66 Ah / 240 Wh
  • Peak discharge current: 5 C max (325 A)
  • Average discharge current: 3 C max (200 A)
  • Nominal voltage: 3.60 V (2.50-4.20 V)
  • Volume: 0.55 liter
  • Weight: 1.05 kg
Odoo CMS - Gallery sample
Odoo CMS - Gallery sample