Two-point temperature sensor kit

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Product information

The temperature sensor is used to monitor battery temperature. Temperature is important, because charging (of most lithium-based cells) is not permitted below freezing temperature and usually above 45°C. Various temperature levels can be set in software. Both temperatures will be used to find a maximum and minimum values to form decisions. If possible, one sensor should be installed in the middle of battery pack, and one near ouside corner.
If this temperature sensor is not used, BMS onboard sensor is being used instead. In such case BMS should maintain good thermal contact with battery, also temperature may rise during high current charge or discharge, or during cell balancing. Therefore external current sensor is recommended.


  • Senstor type: NTC
  • Impedance at 25 °C: 10 kΩ
  • Cable: JST PH 4 way, 300 mm long